Our cable and pipe locators allow to:

• Locate cables and pipes fast and accurately

• Determine the depth of the buried utility up to 10 m

• Detect buried utilities effectively even in the distorted areas

• Operate in various weather conditions.

Cable and pipe locator "Success AG-309.15G"

High tech device for detection of cables and any metal pipelines with integrated GPS/GLONASS module.


• Monoblock receiver AP-019.3 with built-in GPS/GLONASS module

• 20W AG-105 transmitter

• high precision location of underground utilities up to 10m

• direct digital measurement of cable current up to 10 amperes

• Location of non-conductive and non-metallic utilities with optional pushing rod and pipe sonde

Brief description:

• three modes of operation : "ROUTE”, "GRAPHIC”, “FRIEND-OR-FOE”

• three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a direction of a cable or a metal pipeline on LCD display

• inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current

• measured depth is 10 m

• passive frequency: Power, Radio, BB

• active frequency: 512/1024/8192/32768 Hz

• sensitivity : 100μA

• large LCD display with high resolution and adjustable backlight brightness

• transmitter – 20W

• cast body, the case is sealed along the entire length to the connectors

• GPS/GLONASS module for accurate positioning of the located utility

• Mini-USB cable and desktop software for uploading and processing the data from the receiver.


• Detection of cables and any metal pipelines underground up to 10 m

• Direct digital measurement of the depth up to 10 m

• Indication of the deviation from the utility axis in the mode “ROUTE”

• Direct digital measurement of the current

• Survey the ground before the excavation works

• Distance of tracing from the place of transmitter connection is up to 3 km