SENSIT HXG-3P Combustible Gas Leak Detector with internal pump. HXG-3P displays %LEL and PPM simultaneously. LEL Range 0-100% LEL. PPM Range 0-50,000 ppm. HXG-3P detects methane, natural gas, propane and other combustible gases. Built-in pump allows for fast air sampling and gas detection. Tick dial helps find gas leak point. We are authorised agents for SENSIT Gas leak detectors in gulf region.

Portable Gas Detectors: Single Gas detectors & Multigas detectors

• SENSIT has wide range of Combustible Gas Detectors (Methane, Propane etc.)
• Toxic Gas Detectors for hazardous gases like H2S, CO, SO2, NH3
• SENSIT Gas detectors can pinpoint the exact source of gas leak. Tick facility in SENSIT enables Gas Leak Search & Indication. Hence they are Gas leak sensors too.
• Single Gas Monitors/ Single Gas detectors for different gases.
• Multi-Gas Monitors / Multigas monitors for various gases.
• Confined Space Entry for Gas Purge applications or underground Tank repairs
• SENSIT devices have Bar Hole Test for detecting the gas leaks underground.

Advantages of SENSIT Gas detectors

• SENSIT Instruments are used for Natural Gas Leak Detection, Leak Search, Bar Hole Testing, Pipeline Service and Maintenance.
• Fire Fighters use SENSIT Instruments to investigate combustible gas leaks and monitor for hazardous and toxic air quality.
• SENSIT gas monitors alert personnel of hazardous gases in their working environment.
• SENSIT gas leak detectors are used during gas pipe system purging, service and maintenance.
• Propane marketers use SENSIT and Trak-IT Instruments for Gas Leak Detection, Leak Search, Bar Hole Testing, Pipe System Service and Maintenance.
• Ultra-Trac Instruments help minimize excavation and repair costs by accurately locating buried piping systems. SENSIT Instruments help keep workers safe.
• SENSIT gas leak detectors are the instrument of choice for HVAC professionals world-wide.