SENSIT GOLD G2 is used for gas leak surveys, gas leak pinpointing and purging applications. Measures and Displays Up To 4 Gases. LEL (% Volume and PPM Optional), O2, CO, H2S, HCN (Optionally). Selectable Gas Type are Methane (Natural Gas), Propane. The audible tick rate helps find gas leaks fast. A variety of toxic gas sensors are available for confined space applications.

Portable Gas Detectors: Single Gas detectors & Multigas detectors

• SENSIT has wide range of Combustible Gas Detectors (Methane, Propane etc.)
• Toxic Gas Detectors for hazardous gases like H2S, CO, SO2, NH3
• SENSIT Gas detectors can pinpoint the exact source of gas leak. Tick facility in SENSIT enables Gas Leak Search & Indication. Hence they are Gas leak sensors too.
• Single Gas Monitors/ Single Gas detectors for different gases.
• Multi-Gas Monitors / Multigas monitors for various gases.
• Confined Space Entry for Gas Purge applications or underground Tank repairs
• SENSIT devices have Bar Hole Test for detecting the gas leaks underground.

Advantages of SENSIT Gas detectors

• SENSIT Instruments are used for Natural Gas Leak Detection, Leak Search, Bar Hole Testing, Pipeline Service and Maintenance.
• Fire Fighters use SENSIT Instruments to investigate combustible gas leaks and monitor for hazardous and toxic air quality.
• SENSIT gas monitors alert personnel of hazardous gases in their working environment.
• SENSIT gas leak detectors are used during gas pipe system purging, service and maintenance.
• Propane marketers use SENSIT and Trak-IT Instruments for Gas Leak Detection, Leak Search, Bar Hole Testing, Pipe System Service and Maintenance.
• Ultra-Trac Instruments help minimize excavation and repair costs by accurately locating buried piping systems. SENSIT Instruments help keep workers safe.
• SENSIT gas leak detectors are the instrument of choice for HVAC professionals world-wide.

SENSIT GOLD G2 Multigas Detector