OILMARK has a specialized division for design, supply and installation of mechanical items. We supply all kinds of Pumps (Water Pumps, Oil Pumps, Sewage Pumps and Chemical Pumps). We have principal FILTERSYS USA for Industrial Filters and Separators. OILMARK is an U-STAMP approved fabrication yard and are market leaders in fabrication for Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Chambers, Tanks, Boilers and calorifiers & Junction boxes. We are stockists for Pipes and Pipe fittings, Hoses and fittings, Bolts and fasteners. We conduct Steam trap auditing at site and have reputed European principals for Steam Trap supply. We have a dedicated Hydraulics division for design, and supply of hydraulic systems. We also keep in stock Hydraulic Torque wrenches, Bolt tensioners etc. OILMARK is capable of designing and supplying Generators and Compressors for all your site requirements. We can perform Valve testing and fabrication at our facilities and have a huge inventory of all kinds of valves (Globe Valve/ Ball Valve/ Gate Valve / Check Valve/ Choke Valve / Pressure Relief Valve/ Safety Relief Valve). We are agents for Water Leak detection systems. We have portable Water leak detectors and Fixed Water leak detection systems.

  •   Pumps and Motors
  •   EOT/HOT Cranes
  •   Industrial Filters and Separators
  •   Strainers
  •   Pressure Vessels / Heat Exchangers
  •   Pipes and Pipe Fittings
  •   Fasteners
  •   Steam Traps
  •   Gaskets/ Seals / Flanges
  •   Compressors & Generators
  •   Turbine Spares
  •   Valves- Globe/ Ball / Gate / Check/ Choke / Pressure Relief/ Safety Relief
  •   Mud Pump Spares
  •   Boliers and Calorifiers
  •   Chemical Injection / Dosing Pumps
  •   Junction Boxes
  •    Hoses and Hose fittings