We are prominent company in offering assorted range of oilfield equipments to our esteemed clientele. Our offered finest range of oilfield equipments includes Drilling Tools, Rig Tools and Downhole Tools in accordance to our clients’ requirements. These offered oilfield equipments are proved efficient and aptly caters the need of all sorts of oilfield works.

All our offered oilfield equipments are made of top rated companies and are efficient enough to complete the work in stipulated period. Furthermore, all our assorted range of Drilling Tools, Rig Tools and Downhole tools are calibrated as well as certified as per international standards that proved to be safe and secure for usage in all sorts of oilfields by our valued customers.

OILMARK can offer the following Oilfield Equipment. If however the item you require is not listed, we would welcome you to contact us with your enquiry.

  •   Accumulator Units
  •   BOP Equipment
  •   Brakes
  •   Casing
  •   Casing and Tubing
  •   Casing Tools
  •   Cementing Units
  •   Centrifuge Pumps
  •   Choke Systems
  •   Clamps, Safety
  •   Derricks
  •   Downhole Equipment
  •   Drawworks
  •   Drill Bits
  •   Drill Collars
  •   Drill Pipe
  •   Drill Pipe Equipment
  •   Drill Pipe, Spinners
  •   Drilling Equipment
  •   Electrical Equipment
  •   Engines, Diesel
  •   Engines, Parts
  •   Float Equipment
  •   Hoses
  •   Instrumentation
  •   Iron Roughnecks
  •   Kelly Bushings
  •   Kelly Spinners
  •   Land Rigs
  •   Oilfield Equipment & Supplies
  •   Oilfield Equipment / Spare Parts
  •   Packers
  •   Pipe
  •   Pipe Handling Tools, Elevator, Tongs
  •   Power Swivels
  •   Power Tongs
  •   Production Equipment
  •   Rotary Tables
  •   Shale Shakers & Screens
  •   Sheaves
  •   Slips
  •   Stabilizers
  •   Swivel-Joints
  •   Tanks
  •   Travelling Equipment, Hooks, Blocks, Rotary Swivel, Top Drives
  •   Tubing
  •   Valves & Fittings
  •   Valves, Safety
  •   Wellhead Equipment
  •   Well Service Equipment