DPI 620 Genii - Multifunction Calibrator

Powerful productivity in your hands, the modular DPI 620 Genii delivers a range of calibration tasks, in one compact hand-held system. Unique among calibrators, the DPI 620 Genii is driven by a touch and swipe interface, making it faster and simpler to access every function in this world-class multifunction calibrator. Intuitive command menus allow you to fully load supporting documentation for every device, so your engineers always have the latest information at their fingertips and are up and running in minutes.

The new smart interface works on intuitive swipe/touch commands, making menu selection quick and simple.

Flicking between modes is a single swipe and accessing specific device information can take just a few seconds.
Light and dark screen configurations ensure superb visibility so you can operate in the darkest corner or the brightest sunshine.
The new DPI 620 Genii brings you state-of-the-art calibration, communication and data integration using a smart interface with familiar swipe and touch commands for fast, intuitive and inteligent workflow on the move.
Building on the features of the market-leading DPI 620, the new DPI 620 Genii is packed with innovations to help you improve productivity.
From the minute you schedule calibration, commissioning and maintenance jobs to final reporting, Genii enhances efficiency, reduces errors and revolutionises your productivity. Like its predecessor, Genii brings everything you need together in one compact package. Clever design enables fast, accurate configuration, commissioning, calibration and maintenance with mA, mV, V, Ohms, frequency, pressure RTDs and T/Cs over a vast range of devices.

Full HART® communication, the ability to access device libraries and manuals, and download maintenance schedules and specifications means that your field and maintenance engineers can work to new levels of productivity

Genii will provide performance data across all of your devices, giving you the information you need to schedule preventative maintenance and avoid costly downtime or failures

1000 bar portable pressure

The unique modular pressure system provides two channel measurement and pneumatic and hydraulic generation from 25mbar/10inH20 up to 1000 bar/15,000 psi. Pressure modules and generating stations are fully interchangable with DPI 620 and DPI 620 Genii systems.


Working to industry-leading accuracy from 0.0025%rdg + 0.002%FS. GE DRUCK Genii is also re-rangeable at a fraction of the cost of a new instrument. Intelligent

The smart screen and intuitive scroll down menus make it easy to access automated calibration procedures. Clear Pass/Fail indications give immediate feedback and guide engineers to the action required. The enhanced 8GB memory can hold a complete plant database, tags, devices and procedures and sophisticated communications allow instant access to datasheets and internet support.

Full HART® capability
A full HART communications capability supported by 512MB RAM enables Genii to support a complete HART® Device Description Library, communicating instinctively with all of your HART® devices.

Foundation Fieldbus
Genii also supports Foundation Fieldbus communications, giving your engineers a full range of options for newer plants as well as more traditional infrastructures

The new Genii brings you, at a glance:
• Accuracy from 0.0025%rdg+ 0.002%FS
• Swipe navigation
• Display themes for fast access to all functions
• Contrast settings for light or dark environments
• Powerful Windows CE (WEC7) operating system
• Full Hart Communicator
• Foundation Fieldbus
• Bluetooth, USB and WiFi as standard
• Robust build, portable and light
• Document library
• Error free reporting
• Free library and software updates

Pressure Generation Stations:
• Advanced pressure generation
• 95% vacuum to 20 bar/300 psi pneumatic
• 95% vacuum to 100 bar/1500 psi pneumatic
• 0 to 1000 bar/15,000 psi hydraulic
• Replace hand pumps

Pressure Measurement Modules:
• 25 mbar to 1000 bar (10 inH2O to 15000 psi)
• Accuracy from 0.005%FS
• Fully interchangeable modules with no need for set-up, calibration or tools

The DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator excels in:
• Petrochemical
• Chemical
• Oil & Gas
• Power
• Food
• Pharmaceuticals

Other DPI Genii benefits include:
• View, change, clone and store HART device configurations
• Work off-line to create and change HART configurations
• Transfer HART device configurations to your PC
• Measure and source analogue variables without secondary equipment
• No power during shutdown? Genii provides 24V
• Need a 230 ohm resistor? Just select from the menu
• World-class calibration in the same unit
• Full data integration capability
• Bluetooth, USB and WiFi as standard
• Robust new case