Cable and pipe locator TECHNO AC - Success AG-319N

TECHNO AC - Success AG-319N

High tech kit with multi-frequency transmitter for buried utilities detection in the difficult conditions.Features:

• Monoblock receiver AP-019.1 with built-in omnidirectional antenna
• 120W powerful AG-120 transmitter
• manually set frequency (200 to 9999 Hz)
• high efficiency in distorted areas

• three modes of operation : "ROUTE", "GRAPHIC", "FRIEND-OR-FOE"
• three inbuilt sensors make omnidirectional antenna showing a direction of a cable or a metal pipeline on LCD
• inbuilt sensor for digital measurement of the depth and current
• measured depth is 10 m
• receiver passive frequency: 50/60, 100/120, Radio, BB
• receiver active frequency: 512/1024/ 8192 / 32768 Hz
• sensitivity : 100µA
• large LCD display with high resolution and adjustable backlight brightness
• transmitter – 120W, frequency range: 200 to 9999 Hz
• Transmitter AG-120 can be used with any receiver

• Detection of cables and any metal pipelines underground up to 10 m• Direct digital measurement of the depth up to 10 m• Indication of the deviation from the utility axis in the mode "ROUTE"• Direct digital measurement of the current• Survey the ground before the excavation works• Distance of tracing from the place of transmitter connection is up to 5 km
• Receiver ?P-019.1
• Transmitter ?G-120
• Power adapter ESP 240-13.5
• Cable of power adapter YP-22\YC-12
• Power connection cable AG120.02.080
• Power supply cable AG120.02.060
• External power supply cable AG120.02.070
• Grounding rod
• Inductive antenna IEM -301.3
• Battery alkaline R14 (4pcs.)
• Contact magnetic
• Set carrying bag
• Receiver case
• Operation manual
• Technical passport