ABB Electromagnetic flowmeter

ProcessMaster FEP300 / ProcessMaster FEP500

ProcessMaster is available in two series. ProcessMaster 300, which sets the standard in Process Flow measurement and ProcessMaster 500 with best in class extended functionality and options. ProcessMaster is designed specifically to meet the increased requirements on advanced flowmeters. The modular design concept offers flexibility, cost-saving operation and reliability whilst providing a long service life and exceptionally low maintenance. Integration into ABB asset management systems and usage of the selfmonitoring and diagnostic functions increase the plant availability and reduce downtimes. Contact us for Process Calibrators In UAE. One solution for all your needs
The versatile product tailored to meet all your process applications

Versatile and simple configuration

• Through glass configuration eliminating the need to remove the cover and reducing commissioning time
• Soft key based functionality
• "Easy Set-up" function

State-of-the-art memory technology

• Revolutionary data storage enables transmitter interchange without the need for reconfiguration

ScanMaster in situ verification software option

• Allows the customer to perform in situ verification of the flowmeter and plant

Advanced diagnostics for real-life situations

• Simplified plant trouble shooting increases productivity and process safety
• Status messages in accordance with NAMUR
• Help texts in the display

Un-paralleled service ability

• Fault finding help texts in the display
• Minimized down time with replaceable electronics cartridge
• Universal transmitter reduces spare parts inventory costs and storage costs

Approvals for explosion protection

• In accordance with ATEX, IECEx, FM, cFM, NEPSI and GOST


• Access to all status information

Flow performance : Using a higher excitation frequency for the transmitter, ProcessMaster is a flowmeter with an especially short response time. With its advanced filtering methods, the device improves accuracy even under difficult conditions by separating the noise from the measuring signal. This leads to a maximum measuring error of 0.2 % of rate. Self-cleaning, double-sealed polished measuring electrodes enhance the device's reliability and performance

Easy and quick commissioning Advanced data storage inside the sensor eliminates the need to match sensor and transmitter in the field. The on-board sensor memory automatically identifies the transmitter. On power-on, the transmitter self-configuration function is run. and replicates all sensor data and TAG specific parameters into the transmitter. This eliminates the opportunity for errors and leads to an increased startup speed and reliability.

Intuitive, convenient navigation The factory-set parameters can be modified quickly and easily via the user-friendly display and the non-contact buttons, without opening the housing. The "Easy Set-up" function reliably guides unpracticed users through the menu step by step. The softkey-based functionality makes handling a breeze - it's just like using a cell phone. During the configuration, the permissible range of each parameter is indicated on the display and invalid entries are rejected.

Universal transmitter - powerful and flexible The backlit display can be easily rotated without the need for any tools. The contrast is adjustable and the display fully configurable. The character size, number of lines and display resolution (number of decimals) can be set as required. In multiplex mode, several different display options can be preconfigured and invoked one after the other. The smart modular design of the transmitter unit allows for easy disassembly without the need to unscrew cables or unplug connectors. Whether count pulses, 20 mA signals or the status output are active or passive, the universal transmitter always delivers the correct signal. HART is used as the standard protocol.Optionally, the transmitter is available with PROFIBUS PA or FOUNDATION fieldbus communication. The universal transmitter simplifies the spare parts inventory and reduces the stockholding costs.